Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An evening walk

Again after a long time I am writing a blog. I did not want to leave big gaps between two posts, but I am too lazy to write a blog. This time i want to get rid of the philosophical mask i have worn.

Warning : All faint hearted, short tempered people and people with high expectations please stop here . This post might be a big disappointment, I am honest about this. Continue at your own risk.

It has become a regularity me forgetting some thing, on that day too i forgot my wallet which had house key. As I would be the first person to reach home, I needed the key. It was a gloomy day, rain threatened to break the shackles of the cloud any time. Thinking that i would get key from my roommate as i have done last week, left the office in regular 6 pm cab risking a 1.5 km walk amidst rain.

I had to get down near my roommate's office. Somehow survived the accidental attack from my colleague who was not expecting anybody else other than him to get down from the cab there. Admiring my anticipation and reflex I landed safely. As soon as I got down , cool breeze welcomed me to the real world, out of the cardboard cabinets filled with artificial lighting. The breeze is the best thing about Bangalore, it made me forget myself and I felt that i could not ask anything better than that in the whole world.

Coming back to reality, called my roommate(I had my cell phone, I only forget one thing a day). Sweet voice informed me that the subscriber i am trying to reach has switched off his/her mobile. Called one more guy staying with me to inquire about when would he reach home, he said one hour. I was thinking what to do for an hour , going to Total Mall was an option but i just had 13 rupees. I did not want to go there without purpose. I have decided to walk slowly and kill as much time as possible.

Time was 6:55 pm , clouds have sent the sun home early, who was supposed to be doing over-time. The city was trying to defy the clouds effort to darken, with artificial lights and achieved it too. Thunder announced the arrival of rain loudly. Cool breeze with slight drizzle took me to the ethereal world again. The small trees by road side were dancing to the tunes of breeze. Breeze was helping the trees shed extra load because of the rain, next time when the breeze the trees were moving as if it is saying thanks. Far ahead in the sky nature was organizing a mega size laser show with lightnings. When I was thinking humans can do better than this with multiple colors, another lightning came like countering me telling white consists of all colors, this time it was even bigger and powerful .I conceded defeat . As all this was happening the people were moving so fast beside me, in cars, motor-bikes, bi cycles etc.

I walked 20 mts which approximately took one minute , a ground-nut retailer was coming in the opposite direction. After checking I have enough money (Last time when i forgot my wallet i did not have any money), stopped him , bought ground-nut for 5 Rs. An old man roughly aged 65 also stopped by and bought ground nut. I thought he will walk slowly , probably i can talk to him and walk, but he was too quick for me he outpaced me comfortably. The old man well equipped against rain, he had an umbrella probably he cannot afford to have a fight with rain at this age. He was not carrying anything else, probably he was going for a walk.

I walked at the same pace (20Mts/min) without heeding to my ego's calls when a old woman overtook me.I was enjoying the cool breeze and trying to understand what could have the wind told the trees to make the trees so happy that the trees were laughing ecstatically. Same time a pair was coming opposite to me, the girl was laughing to whatever the guy has told. It was more like a girl laughing to "whatever stupid thing a guy tells". It is amazing to, how strong this opposite sex attraction can get. One more pair overtook me and sped past me, this time girl was talking the guy was listening inconveniently and clearly the girl was over powering the guy, who told women are weaker sex ? They are stronger indeed. With in next few minutes few more over took me ranging old women to yo boys . It was really good to watch everybody around and their actions.

After twenty minutes my thoughts were about the people rather than on the wonderful climate, still did not forget to enjoy the weather. I was wondering where are all these people going as fast as they can? Am i the only one who has nothing to do ? With no aim ?. The next scene made me think more on this. Traffic signal was showing red , all people were waiting with hatred. They were so unhappy at their speed being attenuated by signal. A guy on motor-bike riding and was talking to somebody in cellphone. Probably he wanted to be double quick and was doing two things at a time stopped at the signal two feats behind a bus, again making me wonder how can be people so busy. A cyclist took the opportunity and caught up with the other fast moving guys, he pushed his front wheel between the platform and the earlier mentioned motorist's back wheel. The gap was not even a feet but was good enough for a bi-cycle wheel, bi-cycle's front wheel and motor-bike's back wheel were almost parallel. Probably he thought this way he got nearer to his goal of getting motor-bike. Probably he was too busy to waste the time spent to travel two more feats.

I proceeded with the thinking of "why did i not want to go faster" few rain drops touched me. The rain again changed my focus (I have already told no philosophies today). As soon as few drops fell down the situation changed, everybody started moving faster and people were too keen on beating the rain from drenching them. Still a guy approximately 24 years of age was waiting anxiously near the signal looking at the road in front of him. May be he was waiting for some body important. Few meters away a lady was coming out of ISRO and was waiting for signal. It looked like , She did not want to give up any of her important duties(professional work and being a mother) so took her kid to the work place , trying to satisfy all, a typical Indian mother.

Rain finally made some serious attempts to reach and cool earth, I liked rain but my cellphone and hands free might not like rain. Went to a near-by petty shop bought a plastic carry bag for 50 paise and put all my antiaqua stuffs into that and did not collect 50 paise change. I moved on as two funky looking guys (typical metro politan) trying to heat themselves with a smoke and in the process broke the law too. The different strategies people were employing rain was interesting, one guy used a cap, a lady used a carry bag, many girls using their thuppatta as masks and few used hands and ofcourse people with umbrella. 

Rain started pouring, I slowly walked past the bus stop in which ~ 50 people who have taken shelter from the rain.  Cool rain water made my ever hot (strictly means temperature) body dissipate some heat through my eyes.  A girl looked oddly at me , I did not know what she was thinking. What could she have thought about a guy in rain walking as slow as he can with his hands in packet, shivering in cold heads looking down, may be she could have thought I was very sad because I failed in my exams may be love failure. And may be she was looking at my new hairstyle, thanks to the rain playing hair designer role.

There were no more people seen only me and the rain. Nature was trying to frighten me with heavy showers, loud thunders and cold wind. Though i was shivering and felt the disadvantage being a warm blooded animal, I still maintained my speed. An old man was walking in the rain not showing any urgency, we shared a glare "which said oh we are of same breed". I saw a tree in which few branches were broken. I realised one more danger now, rain can fell a tree or atleast break the branches, but there were not much trees after that. Two men stopped their bike in front of a tree and using the tree as shelter, without realising the danger i just discovered.


 A tree was bending down , as if it was frightened by the loud thunder and asking me too to respect.  The rain water has formed several streams and flowing beautifully. The yellow colored light from sodium vapour lamps made those streams look like a stream of gold. The rain halted the traffic and gave them the opportunity to see what is going around.  There were several rain drops in my spectacles affecting my vision. When ever I looked up little rain drops and sodium vapor lamps gave me an illusion that I am in a cave full of treasure. This made me realise that I was looking at people with such prejudiced eyes and passing judgements about them.


   I walked on after about 150 meters I had to cross the road, there rain water was rushing into a drainage hole. It was as if people on an open place being attacked by gunmen rushing into a building with one entrance to take shelter. I entered the small lane to my home. Greedy trees were trying to catch and have all the rain water themselves, but failing.  Trees and buildings were playing broker roles in between sky and earth, taking as much as for them selves before actually giving to earth, just like our politicians.I have slowed down further as my other room mate has not crossed me, did not want to reach home before him without keys. Now the wind became a socialist  plucked all the rain water trees had in their leaves and giving it to the ground. But yet the water have to fight the tar roads to actually reach the earth. A guy in car tried to hasten me by splashing the water in the pits, I did not give up though. I could not walk any slower, I reached my house after 70 mins of non-stop 1.5 kms walk, feeling beaten.


 I dejectedly climbed the steps and reached my flat. There was the first twist in the tale, lights were on some body was inside the house, I knocked he opened. One of my room mate was working from home on that day.

I will be really surprised if anybody who has read till this point and not disappointed at reading this. Anyways thinking on why I wrote this, I just felt like writing.

On an unrelated note, what is important to win in IPL ? Is it good fielding ? good bowling ? good batting ? or all of the three ? If your answer was any of the above it is totally wrong, "momentum" is the most important for winning in IPL. You would have got this if you regularly watch IPL post match talks with players.

Bye for now.
P.S: The above incident happened on last Tuesday and this is my fastest blog just 2 days :)..