Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you beleive?

After a year I am writing a blog.I have not written anything for a year because I did not have any thing to share with others.In the last few weeks some interesting things started happening in my life.Interesting things are just interesting things which i do not want to classify as good or bad.

Most interesting thing that has happened to me is that I had to move to airport road which is quite far from my office. And it takes atleast 75 minutes to reach my office. Situations have forced me to subscribe for the regular cab. I have to be at the stop by 8:15am.If I miss the cab then I will have to travel almost 2hrs , which also
includes 3 bus switches.

I have moved to a house of 6 interesting guys again just interesting, including me. We had a couple of interesting discussions , thats what made me write a blog now. Almost a month ago, after Kaly's untiring efforts and accurate planning we went to coorg (Kodagu). Kaly had booked a nice place for us to stay,on the banks of a river (We never knew whether it was cauvery or some small river). Dubare or something that sounds like that is the place where we stayed.I was astonished by the silence of the place. Even sounds of the river and the birds merged with the silence so silently , which stunned me and I could not think of anything. I understood the power of silence, mind in complete silence I felt something which I have never felt before. Anyways this post is not about the tour, the blog is about an interesting conversation we had there.

My favorite hobby is to think about the eternal questions , "what is life?","why am I doing this?" and so on. Life is very easily explained by almost all religions. But I cannot accept this since I do not believe in God.
Then I was thinking about the purpose of the religions . The more I think the less I believed it. There is nothing superstitious in it. Once upon a time some philanthrophic (?) wise men/women thought that humans should have morales to survive or not to destroy themselves. This should have been like quantum theory of this age, they would have tried to explain to everybody and make them understand.As always not everybody understands everything, and they do not even want to understand. The "wise people" had no choice but to frighten them.They formed the religion and created God. This is my theory about religion. There you go the best invention of humanity was done "The God" .

This is a pretty simple theory everybody would have thought about this. Back to the eternal question "What is life", how do I find the answer. I do not believe in religion because , it does not explain events satisfactorily. Everybody (atleast almost everybody) who thinks like this become a fan of science which explains things very well and explains it satisfactorily.Eventually me too turned to science for explanations, which explained events certainly better than religion.

Whenever my mother told not to do something I have asked "why should not I do it?" , she will have no answer for the question, I said it is all rubbish and done with that. Science has taught me to ask questions , never taught me what to do when answers are not given(My science teacher might have forgotten it). May be it tells to find the answer, and find the answer in science. My ever doubtful mind doubted science too. After all isn't science a belief too?

Then I asked myself "How does science differ from religions/sprituality ?" The answer from my colleague during one of the conversations is that science can be challenged and religion cannot be challenged. It is not always the case , science can be challenged only in scientifical ways. Say for an example, an Ayurveda expert goes to scientists and says Ayurveda can cure a disease which the modern science cannot cure.Then the scientist how does it work, Ayurveda expert starts explaining it in terms of pitha,kapa,vatha etc.The scientists will say this is all rubbish.Then someday one scientist would take this up and analyze and start explaining all this in terms
of modern scientific terminologies, then it becomes "scientifically" proved. I too have experienced this , me and one of my friend had a discussion on something , I started explaining it without using a "scientific theory" but almost similar to it since I have never read about that anywhere else.My friend could not accept it, and explained the same thing with the "scientific theory".

Ayurveda too is a science , yet the modern science cannot accept it , just because it does not understand that language and that particular science.May be it could be because of the reputations of the modern scientists and they are considered as the authoritative sources. Same thing is applicable for religions also when religions were very powerful they wanted things to be explained in their own terms, and conflicting things were neglected or out powered. Always spiritual leaders challenged and changed the religious/spiritual practices.
Science claims that the scientific theories or not just beliefs , anybody who wants to learn can understand/feel/see it. Science is so fascinating because it proves simple phenomenons in front of your eyes, or something which satisfies your senses.It explains complex phenomenons too or rather explains it in complex way, it proves with extra sensory instruments. Its complexity keeps increasing. Along the pyramid there would be very few who would be understanding it all. What does ultimately scientists want to achieve ? , Thanks to Varun the scientist for the answer , it is trying to find a theory which will explain it all, it is called GUT (Grand Unified Theory), may be that is God.

Spirituality claims that there is a path which will take you to God,at least few have realized "The God" and that will answer to all questions , this can somewhat be translated to scientific "Grand Unified Theory". Should I believe this ? Should I believe this not? . As I kept thinking, the answer was if I can believe science I can believe this too . I learned science by believing it may be most of us it did that way, I believed that 1+1 = 2 , 1*2 = 2 then (a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2 + 2*a*b was proved using beliefs. In similar way I can believe the claims of sprituality or any other theory too, and so you can believe in God too. Nowadays I do not question the existence of God using silly questions like can you show me the God etc etc. I just believe it and if I have to realize God I have to believe and take a path somebody says. Spirituality/religion does not cheat more than science does. Not everybody understands rocket science and so not everybody can understand God .

After all in schools I (we) believed lots of scientific facts, just because somebody has told and somebody
has accepted it.These beliefs later backed by more complex scientific facts and became real or stronger beliefs. There is always prerequisites for everything so there can be prerequisites for religion/spirituality and other theories too. We cannot just dismiss something because we do not understand. Nowadays I do not ask questions to my mother , I just try to understand why is it being told, I feel this better, rather than being ignorant and confident about what we think. Science can make us blind believers too and is already making us. I learned to believe, and believe in beliefs generally rather than believing a particular belief :).
This post has (or just) excerpts from various conversations I had with Suresh,Harihara Subramanian (samy),
Varun(the scientist), Sandeep, Raja Kannan.
Next time I will write a less philosophical post, which most of us would have studied in schools.
Note : The editor used for writing the post is vim, the most powerful text editor.
PS : Thinking is injurious to health.
PS2 : Thanks to Google for those Ayurveda technical terms , I do not know the meaning. Thanks to science for giving Google :) .