Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Four Heroes

It has been around 3 months since i wrote my last blog. It is always tough to maintain a balance in life.My mind is riding on two horses, traveling in opposite directions.Always one of the two horses is not at full strength so i concentrate more on one thing and forget the other, and suddenly the other one will wake up and take my mind to its direction.I know its precarious trying to travel in two horses , but i want to continue doing it until i can.
Yesterday as usual i woke up and around 8.30 and after finish reading every word of cricket news in the sports page and glancing at the headlines for the sake of doing it, took bath and after a long discussion with myself i went to an eatery near-by for breakfast(which has become a luxurious thing for the past two years).The mess name which I do not want to mention is say Muniyandi Vilas ( a name which is very famous in the southern TamilNadu. Many N/V restaurants have this name.).
It is one of those many andhra style hotels in Bangalore run by someone from hosur, which feeds umpteen software professionals in our area, with good sambar and better dosas.The back bone of this mess are four important persons, originally it was 3 now a new member has been added.They are the heroes of this post.
As anyone can guess almost all the work is done by these four important persons, whose total age will not be more than 55(As is the case in most small scale hotels in restaurant especially those who came from TamilNadu, Andhra).Guessing some fictional name is getting tougher for me, ideally I would like to call them A,B,C,D.But for the ease of reading say they are Rajini,Vijay,Ajith,Simbu, names of 4 heroes of TamilNadu, they are also heroes in their own way.
Rajini is the eldest among the four may be in his mid teen.He is the most matured of the lot, and who has started to learn the R&D of his profession the cooking one of the finest arts I would say.And Vijay is somewhat similar to the tamil hero vijay , is a naughty boy who often bullies Ajith by his words and makes fun of Ajith.This thirteen year old speaks funnily and freely may be often over stepping the limits to the customers.Ajith is not as smart as Vijay, often gets annoyed and angired by Vijay's comments , but who deserves most attention of the above three.Ajith is almost always serious,sad,angry, there are reasons for his behaviour, and has just now promoted. The new joinee Simbu is the youngest of all, but shows great maturity, patience and has taken Ajith's position.
Enough of description of our heroes, I went for breakfast Vijay who is one of the two servers, which is a better job amongst them, took order .Vijay a short guy , his forearms strengthened by the daily 4.00 A.M to 10.00 PM work went in brought me the ordered idlis.His and his mates' day started well before five hours, where my day was just 1.30 hours old.Though many would think , I am sympathizing for them, I am not that kind-hearted guy, but I am surprised of these guys.
Ajith is a cleaner in that hotel, would not look great may be i should tell he will look ugly, like Vijay his tender body strengthened or hardened by his daily rituals.Now you would have understood why this was guy was so sad,angry.He is one of many children who are badly affected by the inferiority complex, and his mind was repeatedly wounded and infuriated by Vijay who is doing a superior job.Though Vijay is doing it unknowingly or just for the fun(The only way in which they can make fun of), it greatly affects Ajith, and his inability to answer the smart and at times paining comments is making the matters worse.Ajith who does not get kind words from the customers too, locked himself into a shell . I often try to smile at him, thats the maximum i can do to him.
Rajini is very matured at his fifteen itself, knows what is he doing understands the situation.These things we often see in our life, what is special in it you may ask.I did not write this post to tell this , but to see an other perspective of the whole picture.
I came back from office at around 10.00 PM after having done a great deal of work (!) . And earned more than 1k for my 8 hours of work.I went to our mess to have dinner, that is the best place for dinner for some one like me , who does not like anything modern and will always stick to the same old "meals"."Meals" hear means rice sambar and that usual menu with rice.The floor there was always wet, as many guys keep walking there with wet slippers.
And all of our heroes walk without slippers there for hours, Ajith passed by me to clean the table next to me . I saw his feet, it was looking terrible after having roamed around that wet place for hours.This was common for all the four.Thank god nowadays they wear slippers atleast.These are all usual things.But something unusual had happened that day.Ajith was unusually sad should have wept some time back.And the owner as one may think him as an arrogant fellow is not that arrogant he is a normal guy like us who take these things lightly.
Then slowly , by the words of the owner the story for that extra ordinary evening started unfolding.Ajith was sent to the shop to buy something and he went for the video games shop and spent quite some time there.This was the crime committed, it does not look too sad or sympathizing event.But it moved me.I started realizing what they were missing.I never felt anyone misses something , whatever they miss or seem to miss will be gained in other ways.
But now my theory's base started crumbling after seeing this.Often we see many child laborers, we often feel them that they do not get education and cannot go to school, they work too much.According to me missing study is not one of the worst fate, I feel they know more than me in life for sure. They may not be knowing what is a software, and what all the magic those so called high end technology do, but they know what is more required for living.They have seen lots of things which we can never get.We are not convinced without examples , so here is an example to prove that they are better than most of us a in one aspect , they all know 4 languages (Tamil,Telugu,Kannada,Hindi), I did not know more than two languages at that age, even now I don't know four languages fully.
So not going to school is concerning me , then what is concerning me?. I am concerned about their lack of play time. That is what they really miss so much. I cannot sight anything wrong with Ajith he was striving to spend sometime as a kid or child.I often feel that kids should not be forced to study. I could not find any alternative for their missing of their one hour of play each day.
Why are they coming to work in such places for money? Can money solve the whole thing? With money can we give an hour time to play for the likes of Ajith, Vijay,... I have been thinking this, I am not sure whether that was the only hurdle in providing them that play. If at all more money can do this, I wish to earn a lot of money and make it happen. Will I make it happen after earning all those money? I am asking myself, without getting any answer.
Why I wrote this post? Any thing is going to happen because of this post? Good question to answer , I want to share an incident which affected me so much with others. This answer seems to be a more noble answer.But more fitting answer would be , I wrote this to show others that I am too kind to others, and I am concerned about the society. Showing off though is not considered as one of the noblest traits of human, it gets many things done, we shall discuss this when i get time to make another post.
Bye for now..............


Charlie~Thotti said...

da, write whatever you like. we're there to read it. don't worry. write more!

raja said...

nice one da..

GRIFFIN said...

That was a great post. Hmm.. govt tells that they have banned child labour completely, and sent all the children to school. But in many corners of India still many childs lost their lives by working hard for their daily living. What ever they boast, this is the truth.

So, What can we do for the greater good???

vikas said...

Do u suggest any solution !!!