Thursday, September 6, 2007

Love ? hmmmmmmmmm .......

All is well that starts well.Yes I also got a perfect start.My first blog which was supposed to tell about me was not actually intended to tell anything.But it seems that i had told more than what i wanted to, even to an extent some people started guessing my signs (moon or sun i do not know) and all.I failed to meet the objective.And so it is a failure.

How did it become a perfect start?...........

Failure is indeed the perfect way to start ( at least that is what i believe ).That is how my life had been all these years , I always started with failures and getting better from then onwards.It is better to find mistakes at earlier stages than to find it on later stages , so i assume or happily believe this is indeed a perfect start.I proceed to write my next blog after the perfect start i got.

As i told i want to tell what i feel about "love".Everyone knows how powerful this word is ,our cinemas have portrayed well enough.This word has caused many kingdoms to fall and wars were on and so many heroics great poems.Lots and lots of poets have illustrated their views through excellent similes born from their incredible imagination.

After all those people what do i have to tell about this?............ I thought , decided i have some different views about love.

Even after that i still had doubts whether am i qualified to tell ( meant i am not in **love and i have never **loved), convinced myself saying we are always being given a view through the colored glasses by those who are *qualified*.

Love surely elucidates the power of human mind.Love is very powerful just because we think it is . As everyone says love is great.Love is just a over magnified and heavily amplified by continuous repetition of "i love her / him" to ourself.Thats how it is getting so powerful.I do not find any other reason than this.Somehow they come to a conclusion that no one can be a better match than their lover.But i think everyone in this world is unique and no two exactly makes perfect pair.We come to a conclusion of this perfect partner based on very few factors of the life.
Some may argue that love expects nothing , true if you expect nothing from anyone will surely be as good a partner as your lover.It depends on the individual how do they take it.

If both of them feels they are the perfect pair , then thats fine lets say there is no one better and lets believe they are always going to be like that till their end of life.
But when one of them does not fell the same , saying love and she/he is the only one i can think of and cant think of anyone else is not sagacious.If at all god has made only one perfect match for everyone then that person is not yet found, and have got to move on.I personally feel that thinking of someone and saying i am satisfied with her/his thoughts is as good as, i think my selves as harry potter and waiting for ginny and magic will do whatever i want, and i live with just that.

All these claims make sense only if my assumption love is about finding a perfect match.
If that fails then everything becomes less complex and the only conclusion is that "Love is the best and most respectable quality of human being, and we can love anyone .So we shall love all live well.

All i have said is just what i feel and not to hurt anyone , everyone has their own feelings i respect what others feel , still if that hurts anyone i am sorry.I am always open to discussions ,post your views too.

The obvious question which will arise is that , why am i so obsessed with love ,any love failures? No . But i had so many loves or i would say i preferred some girls to be my wife, surely i wont call that as love .


Jack Of All Master Of None said...

honestly dhar i wasn't able to follow most of the blog. dat is probably coz love doesn't know how to reason. or i doesn't try to.i stil maintain my stand. wen u love u'll realise wat it is like. am sayin dis with thre assumption dat u've not loved anyone. but never conclude dat no one has loved u ever. anyway ur english has improved greastly and it is quite obvious dat ur thots flowing copiuosly. gr8 work.

GRIFFIN said...

As a first reader of this blog, i am very happy. Because u posted what is true to your mind. Most of your views are same as mine and most others. That is why i am happy to read it first.

Continue ur views. Next time send a scrap when u submit a blog, so that i can read it first.

Fundas of varun said...

oh man it(ur blog) has started to speak the truth abt ur character.........its nice

HoneyHunter said...

Love is a polygon . . u ave drawn it as a line ( sayin tat s also a polygon :-) )

Its Just one Dimension of Love tat u exemplified though honestly in a rite way . .

Thr r othr dimensions of it which only Those who r in love can understand . . .
But in ths World Evry1 s in Love with Some1 . . .

( For tat "Evry1" this "some1" is Every1 in world ! ! ! )

Hope those who read this ave enof Love to decipher :-)

Looking fwd , for ur next blog . .

Allagappan M said...

@surs : Why blood? Ha, Same blood.

Sandy said...

Good post to start with..
There r lot of contradictions in our views as far as your topic of post is concerned ;) Your degree of verbosity has risen to a new level. Keep it up..! Perfect matches don't just exist. Right! But u can always invent them, if you want to..

sridhar said...

Guys thanks for ur comments.
I am complaining about its greatness (though i was never fascinated by this word)kicha i just say that there is nothing as love failure,and that shud not cause any of such effects.
That is the main reason y i wrote this blog.And i posted it after a long hesitation.
In short this is what i wanted to say after the so called love failures we shud not think ourselves "victims of situation"(santharpathin kaidhigal),instead love the life as much as ever.


Surely i wanted to exemplify only one line of the polygon somewhat in the darker side.

for the later part i want to use sandeep's quote "Don't let someone become a priority in your life when you are just an option for them".
And its always good to hav some1 to whom u are every1 is every1 to u.Hopefully i have enuf love.


I think just to avoid these blood things only we write blogs and not talk it.

Jack Of All Master Of None said...

hmmmwel said da dhar. Don't let someone become a priority in your life when you are just an option for them" . dats a really gud one. i understand wat u tryin to say. i've really learnt dat. and am totally following it. but all the experiences are not worth forgetting. am not saying am gonna be a bachelor for life. but it may be really difficult to jus like another girl or rather love.

Sandy said...


A minor correction. You said there is nothing called as love failure. People don't intentionally consider themselves a failure when their love is not recognized. Its with the harmones. For instance, a recent study by researchers in University of Wales proves that guys/girls in love are more prone to heart diseases (remember the film 'Idhayam'). Thats a fact. Its because, this odd feeling of love comes upon with some harmonal secretions as well. When suddenly u begin to feel all that is gonna go to trash, its like pulling out a chunk of your heart (Couldn't explain it better scientifically).. you can't completely deny that the person can live a life forgetting her or without the pain in his heart. It will dwell forever.. Guys who were in love or who are in love might find some truth in what i said..

sridhar said...


Whatever u said is true sandeep , every incident leaves some traces in our mind.Whether it is just a trace or a living image of it is up to the person and what he wants to have.I never said completely forget that , i just want to open our minds for more and have it just as a vestige not a giant eating up the whole mind.

Sandy said...

@ sridhar

Again, its easy to say da..
Its true that life is more than that.. Its not all that easy to digest or open up.. Its much more complex than reading the "The monk who sold his Ferrari".. Will talk more about that later.. perhaps thru a post of my own.. :) Finishing off saying "Brain dictates until u fall in love, After that its only your heart that makes all the decisions.." Thats what makes people to take foolish decisions(u know wat i mean here) at times..

sridhar said...

Must read this also